About TEST Football Academy

TEST Football Academy has been training football players at all levels since 1992. TEST has the most experienced, successful team ever assembled to prepare NFL Draft picks for the NFL Combine. This unique program also offers the “best of both worlds” with regard to media exposure in the New York City metro market and the warm climate of South Florida to prepare NFL veterans and future draft picks in the off season.

A team made up of Prominent Performance Coaches, Super Bowl Champions, Pro Bowlers, NFL Coaches & Scouts, Medical Experts to NFL Stars, International Speed Consultants, and well-known Media Personalities. The combined team has delivered superior results for more NFL players over the past decade than any training company in the country.

The TEST program is the result of Kevin Dunn, Owner & CEO of TEST, Geir Gudmundsen Director of Football Operations and their team, plus many current & former NFL Veterans. With their program’s collective experience and expertise, they prepare athletes for the NFL Combine and for extending NFL career with consistent follow-up and coaching throughout a player’s career. No longer do you have to accept one trainer when you can have the entire team of experts training, preparing, and supporting you for the biggest TEST of your life.