Bench Press for the Football Combine Athlete

All players, with the exception of quarterbacks participate in this test of endurance and strength. The player’s goal in this event is to bench press 225 pounds as many times as possible.

Lets break it down.

Step: 1 – Hand positioning on bar – You want to place your pinky finger or ring finger on the ring of the bar. Try to get your hand out far enough on the bar to cut down on the range of motion of the movement

Step: 2 – Body position – Make sure you set yourself up away from the pegs so you do not hit them when you rep 225, it can hurt momentum and rhythm when moving the bar.  Make sure you start with your shoulder blades down and back on the bench. This will allow your chest to come up and cut down the range of motion of the bench movement. You want an arch in your back and your butt needs to be on the bench. Lifting your butt off the bench will disqualify your reps. Make sure your feet are underneath you to keep your back arched.

Step: 3 – Bar Movement – Make sure you move the bar as fast as you can. The bar path should be straight up and straight down again trying to cut down the range of motion of the movement. We do not push the bar back at all.

Step: 4 – Holding your Breath – When doing your bench hold your breath until you get to your basement number. This is called the valsalva technique. By holding your breathe it creates abdominal pressure and intra thoracic pressure which will increase your power output potential

Step: 5 – Working your Reps – When doing your 225 bench, you have a base number you can get to. Example if you are doing 30 reps on the bench you want to work to get to 19 reps for your basement number. That will be when you take your first breath. Take some more air hit 3 reps. Take more air hit 2 reps take more air hit another 2 reps. After that hit 4 reps but do 1 rep at a time as if you were doing a 1 rep max,  taking a breath after each rep.

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Skip Fuller
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