High School & Youth Football Academy

“Since TEST Sports Academy began working with our football program we have made great strides in our offseason program and it shows on the field. From a 1-9 record to a conference championship in just two years speaks volumes about what owner Kevin Dunn and his group have helped us accomplish.”

Coach Jon Simoneau
Head Coach
Bernards High School Football


Bernards High School

TEST Football Academy offers personalized one-on-one, small group training as well as TEAM camps at the location of your choice. TEAMS of 10 or more qualify for specialty camps, instruction, and reduced rates. These programs can be customized to your TEAM goals and needs.

Typical training programs are modeled after our NFL Off-Season Training Program and are designed to enhance the following:

  • Position specific work on technique (Current and former NFL pros and coaches available to instruct if requested)
  • Speed & Agility
  • Nutritional Awareness
  • Strength & Power programming
  • Flexibility
  • Functional movement analysis
  • Biomechanical evaluation


High School

The TEST Sports approach to this phase is to excel at quickness and explosiveness both in linear and multidirectional patterns. It is critical to eliminate dysfunctions in movement so each athlete can move more efficiently, and decrease injury potential. Most families consider this portion of their training an investment into either getting into their college of choice and/or even a potential scholarship with today can be valued at up to a quarter of a million dollars. The TEST Sports Performance team will have each athlete training using the same systems and methodology we use to train the Pros.

Youth Programs

The TEST Sports approach to performance in the youth focuses on teaching proper movement patterns to get them ingrained as early as possible, before bad habits turn into career ending injuries. They will use these patterns everyday in life and sport. The focus on increasing strength at this age is to control volume and keep the athletes focused on perfect movement patterns early for neuromuscular gains in speed, strength, and power. Our state of the art equipment uses air as resistance instead of mass which decreases injury potential and allows the athlete to produce force as fast as they possible can with the same resistance throughout the entire range of motion. This is the perfect age to start to create a strong foundation for both life and sport.

For more information on a customized program contact Geir Gudmundsen at TEST Sports–Martinsville, NJ 732-271-1000 ext. 240.