Sports Physical Therapy

Sports Physical Therapy

Integrated Athlete Performance Services at TEST Sports Academy

Effective and efficient recovery takes a TEAM of individuals all working in unison towards a common goal, your success. Twin Boro’s sports physical therapists create an integrated treatment plan, consulting with athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, strength and conditioning coaches, speed & agility coaches, world class positional coaches, sports medicine doctors, nutritionists, the player’s team staff, and most importantly the athlete, to maximize results. Daily communication and integrated services provided under the same roof result in a dynamic program that allows athletes to continue training in spite of injury. Twin Boro has been in the game of providing sports physical therapy for 32 years and their sports therapists have the knowledge, experience, and resources to get you back in the game.

Twin Boro Physical Therapy links rehabilitation and performance for the TEST athlete by approaching injury from the regional interdependence theory. That is, an injury in one area of the body may actually be the result of dysfunction in an adjacent or nearby region. As a result, treatment focuses on management of the injured body part as well as the development of surrounding areas, resulting in a stronger, faster, and more powerful athlete. The Performance TEAM then looks at movement as a whole, identifying and correcting dysfunction, using the same screening process as the NFL Combine.

Every athlete is different, therefore; similar injuries actually require unique treatment. Although all athletes are given the same level of dedication, attention, and expertise from the TEAM of Twin Boro’s Sport Physical therapists and TEST Sports Academies Performance trainers, they receive unique programs, personalized to address each athlete’s specific weaknesses and needs. It is this attention to detail and to the individual athlete that results in success.

For more information, contact Jason Eliowitz of Twin Boro Physical Therapy at (732) 552-0275.